Letting go of the past, and the shitty people in it is a battle of venn diagrams, every time you get further away, you still have to intersect with people who went out of their way to try to hurt you, your family or your career; Unless that is, you’re willing to escape to an island far away, do something entirely new and change your name.

It seems unfair that you have to scrap everything and start over when you’re not the one who did the harm, but frankly doesn’t everything capable of refreshing themselves enjoy a good shed? Leave the scars, scrapes and stains behind?

Fortunately, starting over doesn’t have to be a drastic castaway situation.

Take a deep breath and decide to stop talking about the people from your past, slowly make their relevance to you fade like a dry husk that was weighing you down and making you itch. Every day you grow as a person, shed more of the uncomfortable past.

It doesnt fit who you are now, those people don’t fit you now.


New programming languages and other Hobbies

I was having an intellectual itch, and I started learning a new coding system. The problem is not the coding itself but the practical applications and ethical issues involved. Unfortunately a lot of programming languages are so very easily used for evil nowadays, and the temptation to do so for fun and profit hasn’t escaped me. So many people interact seamlessly with technology in this age that never developed a taste for it when now simple tasks were difficult and required intimate knowledge of the anatomy of an information stream to automate.

Fortunately, I am limited by the amount of brainpower I can dedicate to processing raw code streams that I don’t think that the world is in danger, I blame all of the living I’ve done and frequent head injuries 🙂 However my love of making data do my bidding hasn’t lost it’s appeal in the years since I set aside programming and between the new language I’m learning and the MIT opensource course material I’m casually traipsing though, I don’t feel like my brain is going to waste as I focus on improving my body. I’m enjoying being a whole person and motivated by all of the loves in my life that make living extraordinary.

Remember kids, The smarter of a jock you are, the closer you are to being a super villain.


Quick and Dirty Fuel Review: Tanka Bars

Tanka Bars are a buffalo based meat bar that supports the Tanka Fund, restoring buffalo populations for North American Native peoples. 
The bar itself was a delicious, soft and not overpoweringly flavored. The teriyaki was gentle and not harsh or nasty. Overall it doesn’t taste processed, however from a dietary perspective, I’d prefer less sodium and added sugar. I give the Tanka Bars teriyaki flavor an 8/10 and will definately be tossing them in my gym bag as a post workout treat.

Every Day

Every morning, wake up and look yourself in the mirror.
The days you can’t are the days you should start to make a change.
Stop looking for a while and come back later, the person staring back at you is new, changed, different, I promise.

the best and worst days of your life so far are behind you and the time you have ahead, you are capable of soo much more than you give yourself credit for.

No dawn is a gift from god, every day is progress across a battlefeild with a swath of destruction and rebirth behind you. You did that, you survived until today, you did whatever life called upon you to do to survive, and you grew from an idea of yourself into a formidable behemoth with limitless potential.

Congratulations! You’re still here.